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What is the Noah System?
Understand the Optimal Shooting Arc and Shot Depth. Build Muscle Memory for the Perfect Shot. Develop Players into Consistent and Confident Shooters.
For twenty years, basketball coaches and athletes tried to increase shooting percentage, but they have maxed out. Both 3-point and free throw shooting percentages for the NBA and college have been flat for twenty years. What started with a rake in a driveway and the vision to teach a better basketball shot, Alan Marty developed Noah Basketball while trying to get his daughter to shoot the ball at the proper height.
Years of research and 100,000,000 shots later, Noah Basketball identified the elements of a perfect shot. Shooters need strong muscle memory to consistently shoot the ball straight, at a 45-degree entry angle, and 11 inches deep into the basket, which is two inches past center. For example, we found that the only way to control shot depth is through the shooter's arc. If shooters learn to consistently control their arc, they can control the shot depth and will make significantly more shots.
Using machine-vision technology, the first generation of Noah Basketball featured a two-dimensional product that tracked a player's shooting arc and provided instant verbal feedback. This revolutionized how basketball shooting was taught.
The new Noah three-dimensional product is game ready because there is no special ball and nothing for players to wear. It includes break-through technology that tracks players’ shots in games and in practice from anywhere on the court, while still providing instant feedback on how the player should adjust his or her shot. The Noahlytics Data Service records all shots in real time, knows which shots are made or missed and, most importantly, why they are missed by looking at three critical shot factors - left to right, depth in the basket and entry angle. These charts, along with Noahlytics’ unique grading system allow users to diagnose exactly what a player needs to do to improve their shooting. With over 100,000 shot measurements collected per day, basketball enthusiasts at every level of the game are seeing results from the Noah way.
This new era of Noah Basketball is providing data that no one else in the world has. We are able to provide a proven solution to a problem that no one else has solved. Before coaches really only knew if a shot was a miss or a make. Now, we are leveraging data and machine-learning insights to pinpoint exactly why a shot does or does not score and then providing instant feedback to help the shooter improve. While the data is complex, the user experience is simple. We have compiled all of these measurement tools into an easy-to-use device, and we display the data analysis through a user-friendly online portal. Noah Basketball is the only solution for players and teams that can be used both in practice and in games. It is game ready AND game approved. The evolution of the Noah Basketball product parallels how this technology can advance the entire sport of basketball. By helping players make more shots, we are going to see higher scoring games, faster pace of play and more competitive teams.
Noah gives my players audio feedback every time they shoot. It teaches them to focus on getting the right arc and getting a repeatable stroke.
Tony Bennett
University of Virginia - Head Coach
Get ready to see the results
At every level, players are able to use the product to make more shots and win more games. Already being used by many of the top 3-point shooters in the world, Noah Basketball includes a community of athletes at every age and level. Everyone wants to hang another banner in the gym; start by having Noah above the rim.
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