Instant Audio Feedback. Machine Vision Technology.

At every level, players are able to use the product to make more shots and win more games. Already being used by many of the top 3-point shooters in the world, Noah Basketball includes a community of athletes at every age and level. Everyone wants to hang another banner in the gym; start by having Noah above the rim.

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Noah Basketball Shooting Clinics are designed to educate players, coaches, and fans on how to effectively increase and maintain shooting percentages. These free clinics are guaranteed to give you information on shooting and allow you to see and compare shots like never before.

The Noah
Half Court System

$2,600 (Activation Fee)*

*Price does not include data service. Data plan covers all cloud storage fees, upgrades to tracking engine, and hardware support.

  • New 3-D Technology Tracks ALL shots taken on a single hoop.
  • Noah Voice announces entry angle, shot depth, OR Left/Right ball position.
  • State-of-the-art Machine Vision Technology
  • Comes with one system for a single basket.
  • Always on, no setup.
  • Includes FREE access to the Noahlytics Website.
    • Access to all your players' sessions
    • Detailed heat mapping charts
    • Displays shooting analytics, percentages and averages.
    • Shows shooting percentages from different areas of the court.
    • Maps players from anywhere on the court.
    • Plots ball entry onto rim map.
    • Unlimited access to your data.
    • Add/Edit/Remove players
    • Assign players to different teams.
    • Alternate between Arc, Depth, or Left/Right position feedback
    • Lower or Raise volume control
    • Begin shot sessions for individual players.

The Noah
Full Court System

$4,800 (Activation Fee)*

*Price does not include data service. Data plan covers all cloud storage fees, upgrades to tracking engine, and hardware support.

The Noah Full Court system includes all the features of the Noah Half Court System (listed above) for both ends of the court. In addition, these systems can be synced together with Noahlytics for in-game shot tracking using our mobile app.

Noahlytics Data Service
By Noah Basketball

It's with great excitement that we announce the launch of new Noah Technology! This new technology is a data service that we are referring to as "Noahlytics". All the things that you have wished the existing Noah System would do, Noahlytics does and much more! The Noahlytics offering is quite different than the legacy Noah products. The old Noah product required that you shoot straight ahead toward the basket. With Noahlytics, we can now track ALL shots from ANYWHERE on the floor.
  • The new system is "3-D" and tracks all shots from anywhere on the floor.
  • The system knows which shots are made and which are missed and how they made or missed.
  • The system measures entry angle like the original NOAH system, but also measures the entry position of the ball at the rim. E.g. The ball went 8 inches deep and 3 inches to the right.
  • The Noahlytics site allows you to filter data by shot length, player, area of the court, hoop, makes, misses, etc.
  • The system knows where the shot originated from. With the shot location as well as the data mentioned above, we can create charts never seen before in basketball. These charts along with our unique grading syystem allows you to diagnose exactly what a player needs to do to improve their shooting.